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‘The Committee’ in competition in Locarno

Gunhild Enger & Jenni Toivoniemi

It’s official: The CPH:LAB film ‘The Committee’ by Gunhild Enger & Jenni Toivoniemi from lab edition 2014/15 will world premiere in Concorso internazionale / international competition at Locarno Film Festival in August.

The two filmmakers joined forces during CPH:LAB in 2014/15, and their joint film reflects beautifully, with humor and wit, the oddities that can occur when being asked to collaborate across borders. Though the results for the characters in the story is a bit dubious, the two filmmakers themselves have managed to create a gem of a film out of being paired and asked to work together.

We congratulate the team and look forward to seeing the film take off from the best possible launching pad for it: Locarno.

If you are curious to read more about the collaboration of the team, click here for an interview we did last year