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Pitching ‘Letters’ in Hong Kong (HAF)

Marte Vold & Jero Yun

In February the CPH: LAB team from the 2015/2016 edition, Marte Vold (NO) and Jero Yun (KW), was invited to pitch their project together with head of CPH: LAB Mille Haynes (DK) in HAF Hong Kong Asia Film Financing Forum.

Their film, with the working title ‘Letters’, was very well received, and their trailer brought tears to the eyes of many. The team has been shooting since December 2015 and will continue until August 2016 when they will start editing the film. They have a Norwegian producer attached and are currently looking for more financing from South Korea and Denmark. 

The film is an audio visual exchange betweens two talented filmmakers. One day, Marte (37, female, Oslo) sends an audio visual letter to Jéro (35 male, Seoul). Jéro responds, and soon a cinematic dialogue in sound and images unfolds: a conversation that spans continents, cultural heritage, gender and lifestyles, closing in on the everyday things that make up a life .

We look forward to following the project closely.