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CPH:LAB World Premiere at Busan International Film Festival

Oscar Ruiz Navia
Anna Eborn

A powerful CPH:LAB film now travels to Asia.

Directors Oscar Ruiz Navia and Anna Eborn are preparing to showcase their film, the fiction-hybrid EPIFANÍA at the prestigious Busan International Film Festival, Saturday the 8th of October in Busan, South Korea. The screening marks a milestone in the creative development of this 2013-2014 CPH:LAB success story.

EPIFANÍA, the splendid culmination of their efforts, beautifully illustrates an international perspective on the impact of motherhood: with a view from Sweden, Canada and Columbia.

“As she died, my dream was born, for her return”

On the island of Fårö in Sweden, a young woman experiences the death of her mother through handheld camerawork and illusory conjurings. During the time of grief she dreams about her mother coming back to life. In Canada, a one time mother now prepares for her second grandchild through via the classic road film trope. In Columbia, a mother desires a change of routines, and tries to explore spiritual means of trying to regain her passion for living via direct cinema documentary stylings. Where the film finds strength in its varying locales it also does not lack in technicality and substance.

Different formats such as S16mm, Digital Video and family archives from the two directors builds a fictional world from their own memories and experiences of their mothers. The change of formats and locations are in core with the universe of a movie that moves from darkness to light, from death to life. The main cast of the film are non-professional actresses of whom Cecilia Navia acts out three distinctive historical episodes, three futures in three unique characters.

Through these three episodes, the film assertively reenacts memories of the filmmakers as the distorted experiences of the protagonists daily experiences are shapeshifted through day and night, finality and rebirth, all through a maternal looking glass.

EPIFANÍA’s genesis began at CPH:LAB 2013-14, where Oscar Ruiz Navia and Anna Eborn found their first pairing. We at CPH:DOX look forward to witnessing the fruits of their labour in the near future and wish them the very best of success moving forward.