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CPH:LAB project hits NEW INC in NYC

Marie Skovgaard & Senay Berhe

The lab project ‘Afripedia 360° VR Dance Battle’ by Marie Skovgaard (DK) and Senay Berhe (SE) has been selected as the representative of the Afripedia project at the 2016 End of Year Showcase at New York’s innovative museum NEW INC.

‘Afripedia 360° VR Dance Battle’ is a 360° VR Video Dance Battle experience. It was developed during the CPH:LAB 2014/15 edition and was shot merely six weeks ago in Senegal. It showcases the best urban street dancers from Dakar and is an interactive online experience where the audience is able to immerse themselves in the movement, the music and the city itself.

When asked why they wanted to do this particular project, Marie said:
“The subject dance came up really early, and digging into that and talking to dancers, choreographers etc, we found out it is really hard for them to participate in international battles, and that the international battles never get to Africa. That means that even though Africa is a huge influence in the dance scene, there was never an actual chance to meet. So considering everyone has access to Internet, that’s when we figured we had the opportunity of using technology, so you can feel that you are there, present in Africa, navigating in this experience from a first person perspective.”

And now the lucky people attending the 2016 End of Year Showcase at NEW INC will be able to be part of this immersive experience too, before the project is ready to be released to the world.

NEW INC – the first museum-led incubator for art, design, and technology, is an experimental initiative of the New Museum in New York City. Here the Afripedia team has been developing their new platform and identity during the course of a year, and now getting ready for its official launch in the fall.
When Afripedia was invited to submit a project to be displayed in the NEW INC Showcase of 2016 they selected their CPH:LAB produced VR Dance Battle.

“ We built our own camera with 12 GOPROS after doing extensive research and found out that in VR, because it is still new technology, it is mostly learning by doing, and building our cameras was really fun, especially when there is really no manual for it“, explains Senay.

Along with CPH:LAB’ s ‘Afripedia 360° VR Dance Battle’, NEW INC will showcase several other installations, performances and workshops. A marketplace to present the incredible talent and ideas incubated at NEW INC this year will be staged over the gallery space downstairs at NEW INC. “Public Beta.” is the title of the showcase and it reflects its purpose, which is the public presentation and “beta testing” of various projects, products, and ideas that have been incubated at NEW INC this year

‘Afripedia 360° VR Dance Battle’ showcase will take place Thursday July 28 to Sunday July 31 (Virtual Reality & Maker Marketplace) in the ground floor gallery space at 231 Bowery.

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