CPH:LAB is CPH:DOX’s talent development and production programme that encourages creative risk taking, celebrates raw talent, facilitates collaboration across borders and business sectors and supports frontrunners within the film industry to push the existing boundaries of filmmaking as we know it. Since 2009 the lab has established itself as a highly acknowledged, ambitious and yet playful laboratory-style talent scheme showing great results.

The digital shift is changing our lives. New technologies are generating a wealth of opportunities for creating and experiencing audiovisual material, and the centrality of film in social discourse is now challenged by a variety of media ranging from serial television to YouTube memes to virtual reality and augmented reality games.

CPH:LAB is a response to these changes. While commercial applications of new media technologies have emerged rapidly, too few institutions exist to support the field of art and independent filmmaking in finding new aesthetic perspectives and new ways of reaching audiences. As a film festival, CPH:DOX wants to take an active part in facilitating this support by offering a platform for experimentation.

CPH:LAB 2017 brings together emerging and established talent across film, art and technology to develop interdisciplinary project concepts and advance new visions of what film can be, by using new technologies, reaching new audiences and giving voice to new perspectives. Each participant team includes at least one filmmaker and one technologist and we aim to transcend the limits of traditional film and documentary practices by developing projects that harness the potential of new media, technologies, and distribution methods.