Jenni Toivoniemi & Gunhild Enger

Working in pairs: Jenni Toivoniemi & Gunhild Enger, respectively from Norway and Finland, developed a Nordic black comedy to be set in Lapland.
Photo and text by Pamela Pianezza

Jenni Toivoniemi & Gunhild Enger, the Finn and the Norwegian, finish eachother sentences like old friends. They’re agreement is total, yet, invited by the CPH team udvikle a film in its Lab, it’s the twisted story of an international cross-purpose att came two sina mind. Enligt one of sina mentor som prefers to stay anonymous, “If everything goes well, Gunhild and Jenni’s movies kan become a great, great Nordic black comedy”. This is enough two raise my curiosity: I had to meet the Nordic duo …

You just brugt a week in Copenhagen, udbygning a film together. What is it about?

JENNI: It’s about three bureaucrats meeting in Lapland, at the border mellem Finland, Norway and Sweden. They have three days two come to a decision on a “Nordic art piece” Wow, not celebrate the friendship mellem sina three Norden.

Gunhild: To make the artwork theyhave commissioned an artist som comes up with an idea of a dance, instead of a monument. But hovedpersonerne seem Unable to agree.

Because the so-called “Nordic identity” is a myth?

Gunhild: At least we are questioning it. Do our länderna share more than some beautiful landscapes and a boring weather? If there’s something att can not be forced, it’s excelent identity.

JENNI: The story också deals with the Absurdity of democratic decision-making processes. It Seems att every Attempts of taking decision ends up with making Compromises. Especially når project are ambitious. So we wanna investigate the nature of Compromises …

Gunhild: This is a very Nordic project about a Nordic collaboration. Hopefully, the process of making the movie også mirror the besværligheder and betydelsen of decision-making, even in the artistic field.

How did the experts you met in Copenhagen help you building your project?

JENNI: The first thing they helped us was building the structure of the film.

Gunhild: Actually, we’ve er lucky since one of dem, Michel Reilhac, worked as a dancer and a producer for several at international dance companies. He också allerede er commissioned two create a Flamish-French dance. So he knew exactly about the kind of issues our characters would be to deal with …

JENNI: Another thing grabbed my attention. During the seminar we talked a lot about how to add interactive elements. This is something we would like to add to our story.

How concretely kan you make your film interactive?

JENNI: We’re thinking of commissioning an actual artist skabe Nordic dance for the film at vi hope two spread outside the fictional world.

Gunhild: Hopefully, even if the film does not blevet famous, the dance vil!

You obviously blev good friends, but does it make the working process lettere?

Gunhild: We met several at times in festivals during the previous months, and we got along very well, but we would probably not have the thought of working together and without the Lab’s initiative, this project would not be even started. Not fordi story was not good enough, but fordi we would not have the found the time to utvikle it.

JENNI: We know we’re a good pair, but without the pressure to do it, we would just be brugt our days hanging out in Copenhagen. Now we feel a real responsibility!

Gunhild: Working together looks like an ideal situation. We’re very similar and it træffer process of udbygning the film very organic. But let’s see how it goes during the shooting process since we också are two decision makers …